The Original Cheerleading Company


Dehen Knitting Company was founded in 1920 by William Peter Dehen, a German immigrant to Oregon. Some of the company’s earliest markets were for high school varsity sweaters followed by school uniforms and varsity letterman jackets in the 50’s and 60’s.

The company made its first cheerleading uniforms in the early sixties (all wool sweaters, skirts, and knee high socks). Cheer uniforms were manufactured in Dehen’s name as well as private label for other prominent cheer companies. Since then, the Dehen Cheer division of our company has continued its reputation for high quality and excellent value. The business remains family owned and operates its own manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon.



Today, well into our tenth decade, Dehen continues a tradition of quality manufacturing while actually producing our goods in Portland. Value is built into every garment that Dehen makes.
Over the last 90 years there have been many changes, not the least of which was the pressure for companies to move manufacturing outside the United States. Even when times got tough, not once did we waver in our approach and commitment. We are proud of our company, our employees and our continued resilience over so many years in business. We refuse to compromise on the methods and ideals honed over the past 96 years, while accepting the challenge to keep moving forward.